Classroom Halloween Party Ideas

Planning a classroom monster bash? Have a successful classroom Halloween party with these simple decorating tips, creepy treat ideas, and fun party activity suggestions. Encourage students to help decorate the classroom and create homemade eerie party invitations.


Halloween Decorating Tips:

  • Decorate the class in orange and black steamers. Twist the streamers and hang them in long strips as well. Bring in lamps from home, and use colored light bulbs.


  • Blow up black and orange balloons and tie them in groups and let them hang from the ceiling or inflate them with helium.


  • Decorate the tables and windows with artificial spider webs which can be purchased at most stores once Halloween is near.


  • Carve Halloween pumpkins or create papier-mache pumpkins and put glow sticks inside. Do not use candles in the classroom.


Halloween Party Snacks

Instead of serving a full meal, keep it simple by offering a small selection of fun snacks. Here are some Halloween party snack suggestions:

  • Serve snacks in jack-o-lantern trick-or-treat buckets or small plastic cauldrons.


  • Create a bubbling witches brew using dry ice. To make a simple punch, combine a pint of lime sherbet and a pint of orange sherbet with 2 liters of lemon lime soda.


  • Bake creepy cupcakes by adding witch, jack-o-lantern, and spider designs on top of the icing.


  • Build sandwiches with your choice of ingredients and then use Halloween cookie cutters to cut them into fun Halloween shapes like bats, pumpkins, and witch’s hats.



  • Halloween dip: Black-bean dip served with orange bell pepper strips or sweet potato chips.


Halloween Party Activities


  • Pumpkin Piñata: Purchase a jack-o-lantern piñata and fill it with fun non-food treats like stickers, crayons or colored pencils, tattoos, bouncy balls, bubbles and coupons. Hang the piñata and let children take turns hitting it until it busts open and spills the treats.


  • Pin the Wart on the Witch: Create a witch cutout or poster and place it at childrens’ eye level. Use sticky tack or Play-Doh to create warts. Each child will take turns being blindfolded and then attempt to stick a wart on the witch’s nose.


  • Pass the Pumpkin: For this activity you will need small pumpkins. Hand out one less pumpkin then there are children in the group. Children will sit in a circle and pass small pumpkins around. When the music stops the person without a pumpkin is out. Remove one pumpkin from the game and continue. The game ends when there is one pumpkin and one player remaining. This player is the winner.


  • Set up a Halloween craft station where kids can make paper ghosts, decorate t-shirts, embellish paper bags for trick or treating, or create creepy spiders and spider webs out of pipe cleaners.



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