5 Quick, Easy Halloween Costumes for Teens

Sometimes teens don’t commit to dressing up for Halloween until the last minute. A lack of funds can also hinder Halloween costume plans. None of that matters with these clever costumes. Make them quickly and easily by pulling old clothes from a teen’s existing wardrobe and adding inexpensive items from a department or thrift store.


1. Fortune Teller Halloween Costume

photo from marthastewart.com

Halloween isn’t complete without a fortune teller. Put this costume together with a few common articles of clothing and bring Tarot cards or a Magic 8 Ball as a prop. You can also fill up a white balloon for a crytal ball. For added effect, tape a small book light or a glow stick to the bottom and hide with a scarf or a bowl that looks like a base, so that the balloon glows.

If you don’t own a gypsy skirt, they are easily found in department stores or the mall. Crafty girls will be able to make a gypsy skirt without too much trouble. Once you have a skirt, add a loose-fitting peasant blouse to the ensemble. Tie a large scarf with fringe around the waist, wear a head scarf and add gold, hoop earrings to complete the outfit.


2. 1980's Prom Queen Costume

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Take a walk back in time on Halloween by dressing as a 1980's prom queen. If you can find a vintage prom dress, this costume is easy to put together.

Raid mom’s closet or search a thrift store for a 1980's style prom dress. Look for something with lots of bows, a full skirt and ruffles. If you find something with the Jessica McClintock label, you’ll know you’re on the right track. Go for the big hair look by backcombing hair to get it as high as possible. Spray heavily with Rave hairspray. Add a tiara, some costume jewelry necklaces and several bracelets.


3. Teen Zombie Costume

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Zombies are at the height of popularity right now. Whether for a Halloween costume or a Zombie Walk, you can put together a Zombie costume with clothes from your closet, some makeup and red Jell-O.

Gather an old shirt, pants or skirt, shoes and any other clothing items befitting a zombie. Rip or cut jagged edges on the sleeves and pants hems. The more beat-up the clothes look, the better. Mix red Jell-O and throw it on the clothing for a fake blood effect.

Use a Halloween make-up kit with fake blood and black make-up to create a bloody, dirt-smeared look on the face, neck and hands.


4. Teen-aged Scarecrow Costume

A scarecrow costume is as easy as making your own scarecrow for display. Gather an old pair of blue jeans, a flannel shirt, a straw hat and some type of footwear. Use a length of rope as a belt and some hay or straw to give the outfit that scarecrow look.

Tie the rope around the waste, over the shirt. Stuff straw or hay in the sleeves, neckline and pant legs to look like a scarecrow. If needed, wear a pair of long johns and a long-sleeved t-shirt to keep the straw from irritating the skin. Top with a straw hat and accessorize with a bandana at the neck or in the shirt pocket. 


5. The Shadow Costume

One of the easiest teen costumes to put together is the mysterious shadow. Simply wear all black clothes, a black hat and paint the face with black Halloween make-up. This is a great costume for a Halloween party, but those trick or treating on dark streets should put reflective tape on the back of the costume and carry a flashlight.

A lack of funds doesn’t need to get in the way of Halloween fun. Teens can put costumes together quickly and easily by themselves. A few old clothing items, some make-up and creativity are all teens need to make interesting Halloween costumes. 

About the Author
Barb Hacker is a mom to three boys and a freelance writer.