Mason Jar Mummy Candles

When I was looking for crafts that would help me recycle the glass jars that I’ve been saving, I came across a craft for Mason jar mummy candles. Crafts that recycle old materials are so great, plus I have to start making room for Christmas items, so everything must go to use. I made several of these Mason jar mummy candles for Halloween. They are a really stylish and cool way to light a walkway for trick-or-treaters.


photo by Daisy Kuchins

They look complicated but it is a really easy process. I treated gauze strips with a mixture of flour and water. This is an important step because it creates an adhesive and they really stay put longer than if you just wrap the gauze around the jar untreated. Then, I wrapped the strips around wide mouth jars in an irregular pattern. Once they had dried overnight, I glued eyes and mouths on the jars. I made sure they all had different expressions for a little variety.

You can do so many different things with the Halloween mummy candle holder. You could add sand in the bottom and then top with a candle to create a luminary. I like using battery powered candles that flicker, but you could use real beeswax or soy candles. Just be sure to provide proper supervision.

Get the full instructions: How to Mummified Glass Jar Candle Holder

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