Preserving the Life of Your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern

The reason why most Jack-O-Lanterns spoil is due to dehydration,  so there are a couple things you can do to preserve the life and maintain that freshly-carved look. If you use these simple tips, your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern will look just as fresh on Halloween night as the day you carved it!


First off, start with a fresh pumpkin. Picking out a pumpkin from a pumpkin patch or farmer's market usually ensures the freshest (not to mention funnest) route. Coating the inside of your Jack-O-Lantern with petroleum jelly is one way to effectively slow the dehydration process. Since petroleum jelly acts as a barrier against water, it helps keep your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern fresh for several more days. Use a paper towel to spread the petroleum jelly around all exposed part of the pumpkin’s inside flesh.

Soaking your pumpkin overnight is another way to add water to your Jack-O-Lantern and slow the dehydration process. Carve your pumpkin and soak in a bucket that leaves it fully submerged. Pat the pumpkin dry and add petroleum jelly for extra protection. Remember to keep your Halloween Jack-O-Lantern in a cool, shaded area during the day. Pumpkins can also be kept in the fridge to slow down the decomposition process.  

About the Author
Nancy Pringle is a professional chef and freelance writer, published on several websites, with over 10 years of experience with writing about family related activities, travel, food and holiday ideas.